Safety Pod

The Safety Pod car seat offers top safety performance and the ultimate convenience. Designed to be in the egg-like shape of a mothers womb, this provides complete 360 Degree safety for your beautiful baby.

Product Name: Safety Pod
Category: Car Seat
Description: From birth to 18kg’s. Includes IsoFix Base. 

Extendable Leg

The Safety Pod comes with an extendable leg which can be used to properly secure the car seat.

Clip-On IsoFix

The Chelino Safety Pod comes with an easy to use Clip-On IsoFix base making it easy to Clip-On and use.

Adjustable IsoFix

The Adjustable IsoFix has been designed to create additional safety and support to the car seat.

Additional Padding

The Safety Pod has been designed using a lot of additional padding to ensure comfort to your baby..