Switch Travel System

Switch Travel System

The Switch 3-in-1 Travel System has a linear contemporary style with modern finishes. With a Tan PU leather finish and velvet interior, this Travel System is as fashionable as it is comfortable for your little one. The Switch offers a unique umbrella folding system and carry handle for the chic on-the-go mom.

Product Name: Swtich 3 in 1 Travel System
Category: Travel System
Description: From birth to 18kg’s. Includes a Stroller seats, a Car Seat with belted base, a Winter Kit boot cover and frame. 


Compact Fold

The Switch has a compact book fold, is easy to store and free standing, not touching the ground when folded.

Smart Travel System

The unique design allows you to swop between the stroller seat, the infant seat and the carry cot, which are all interchangeable – allowing both parent and street facing positions.

Car  Seat

Switch to car seat with ease. Your baby will always be snug with a boot cover over  the car seat (removable).

Switch to Carry Cots

Added Carry Cots fits perfectly, with a simple switch from stroller to carry cot position.

Car Seat with Base

The belted car seat fits perfectly into a safety base, to give that extra support while traveling.

Multi use Boot Cover

Your baby will always be snug with a boot cover for the stroller and car seat.

Carry Cot

A snug Carry Cot, that can be added on as a 3-in-1.

Swivel Wheel 

Move around smoothly without any hassle or lock the swivel front wheel on rough terrain.